Our Team

The Happy Team: coaches who believe in sustainable, long-term, achievable happiness, and how to get you there with fun, work, new and joyful habits, with lots of support during the journey. 

Dr Aymee Coget, Founder and CEO of Happiness For HumanKIND

Dr. Aymee Coget

Dr. Aymee Coget, CEO and Founder of Happiness For HumanKind, began her journey towards sustainable happiness in 1996. With 20 years in the field, her passion for helping people live happier lives has produced a holistic approach to a well-being system based in positive psychology. Her mathematical formulas for well-being have proved helpful even for those who have given up on happiness. Dr. Aymee consults with top corporations, media, hospitals, legal entities, individuals and families, and offers keynote speeches and writing services related to well-being and positive psychology. She strives to enhance individual and global well-being through the latest advances in technology and is ecstatic for the future of happiness, for all HumanKind.

Mark Rennie, Esq. Secretary and Corporate Counsel for Happiness For HumanKIND

Mark Rennie, Esq., Secretary and Corporate Counsel

Having a lifetime career in law drove Mark to get a Happiness Makeover in 2009. Impressed by the results - including an improved, youthful demeanor and sustainable happiness - he joined the team at Happiness for HumanKind. He continues to bring people together, in business and in happiness, with his extensive 24 years of experience in award winning restaurants, nightlife, community affairs, nonprofits, startups and entrepreneurship.