Happiness For HumanKIND has taken the science of happiness and made it accessible to all.
— Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D., first Happiness Professor at Harvard University and NYT best selling author of Happier

We all have times in our lives when we find ourselves unhappy and have trouble finding a way to change. For many of us those "down" times far outweigh the "up".  Doctor Aymee Coget and her team at Happiness for HumanKind teach a proven process to help people achieve sustainable happiness. In just a few weeks you could see a dramatic change in your well-being and positivity. Within a couple of months you could be... sustainably HAPPY!  



At age 19, Dr. Aymee Coget realized her life's purpose was to help millions of people live happier lives. She has developed a proprietary process to teach happiness like mathematics which helped hundreds of students of all ages find sustainable happiness. Students perform better at school and work, have fixed broken marriages and have families that communicate better. Aymee teaches that Sustainable Happiness is available for all.

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With daily routines that boost mood and brain function, and weekly coaching from a Happiness Expert you'll be amazed at the shift you experience. People undergoing our Happiness programs see a vast improvement, week over week, in their ability to stay peaceful in times of conflict and stress, happy throughout the day, be more energetic and more in control of their own life experiences individually and collectively. Help is available with check-ins and support. 

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There are three different kinds of happiness. The most common type (the one experienced by most people, and probably yourself) is unsustainable. It's a fleeting reaction to outside experiences, and is known as Hedonic Happiness. The other two types of happiness - Eudaimonic Happiness and Chaironic Happiness - are both sustainable and develop long term contentment and joy. Our programs facilitate this process. 

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This system helped me change my mental attitude and the way I respond to nearly every situation that occurs in my life, from the horribly unexpected to the insanely awesome. I am also more healthy, energetic, and have returned to my original passions in life, art and creativity.
— Eric Huber, Entrprenuer