Happy Relationships

11 Week Course - $11,000

Learn how to be in a positive relationship. Develop a deeper understanding of how to grow in intimacy and proactively build a shared vision of a positive future. Apply positive psychology in any relationship, friendship, family or work.

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Learn healthy, positive psychology communication. Consciously create a happy life while maintaining individual happiness and goals.

  • Understand the difference between self happiness and relationship contentment

  • Utilize practical processes for forgiveness and making up

  • Build awareness and let go of unhealthy behavior in relationship

  • Learn healthy conflict resolution skills

  • Identify personal strengths and how to use them to benefit the relationship

  • Clear understanding of the foundation elements of the relationship

  • How to use positive psychology skills for a happy relationship

  • A process to create a content relationship

  • Enact a plan for when discontent arises

  • Learn how to be relationally transparent among your community

  • Get on the same page regarding elements of a happy relationship and happy life together

  • Learn how to let go and forgive the past



11 Classes (2 hours / week)

As needed support

Classes and homework


The process will be a combination of our work together in class, and weekly homework assignments either done individually and/or together.


The class structure follows a rhythm of personal topics within the categories of past, present, and future to ensure a solid foundation can be created free of past or present hardship.  

Learn how to be in a positive relationship with Happiness For HumanKIND's Conscious Relationships program
Let Happiness For HumanKIND teach you how to be in a positive relationship.
Happiness For HumanKIND teaches couples how to be happy in life and how to reduce stress and have greater intimacy
My boyfriend and I just had our first conscious relationship couple’s session and we were overly impressed. My partner was a bit reluctant at first after going to years of therapy with his ex yet at the same time supportive of the idea. Aymee created such a beautiful and sacred space for us to fully address our fears around marriage and becoming future parents. In the end, we felt closer and gained a greater understanding of how to support one another through our fears. And this sort of information is priceless.

I personally feel that having a third person facilitate such touchy and sensitive topics is helpful and it’s difficult to imagine a better facilitator than Aymee.
— Her, Ergonomist & Feldenkrais Practitioner / Him, PhD, Google Engineer