You can have mastery over your Happiness & Well-Being


Our Vision

We strongly believe that happiness is a human right. Our goal is to increase individual and global happiness by creating affordable and easy access to the scientifically based programs at Happiness For HumanKind. 


The Future of Happiness

Happiness for HumanKind is developing software to facilitate ease and accessibility to the benefits of positive psychology. 

We are building Artificial Intelligence content and formulas for chatbots, virtual reality, machine learning, mobile, robotics and wearables. We have positive psychology systems that can educate, monitor and increase well-being with our proprietary mathematical formulas.

Our goal is to increase the well-being of the individual based on internal metrics gathered through mobile, robotics, or wearables and transfer opt-in data to Watson to monitor the True Global Well Being Index.


Our Team

The Happy Team: coaches who believe in sustainable, long-term, achievable happiness, and how to get you there with fun, work, new and joyful habits, with lots of support during the journey. 

Dr Aymee Coget, Founder and CEO of Happiness For HumanKIND

Dr. Aymee Coget

Dr. Aymee Coget, CEO and Founder of Happiness For HumanKind, began her journey towards sustainable happiness in 1996. With 20 years in the field, her passion for helping people live happier lives has produced a holistic approach to a well-being system based in positive psychology. Her mathematical formulas for well-being have proved helpful even for those who have given up on happiness. Dr. Aymee consults with top corporations, media, hospitals, legal entities, individuals and families, and offers keynote speeches and writing services related to well-being and positive psychology. She strives to enhance individual and global well-being through the latest advances in technology and is ecstatic for the future of happiness, for all HumanKind.

Mark Rennie, Esq. Secretary and Corporate Counsel for Happiness For HumanKIND

Mark Rennie, Esq., Secretary and Corporate Counsel

Having a lifetime career in law drove Mark to get a Happiness Makeover in 2009. Impressed by the results - including an improved, youthful demeanor and sustainable happiness - he joined the team at Happiness for HumanKind. He continues to bring people together, in business and in happiness, with his extensive 24 years of experience in award winning restaurants, nightlife, community affairs, nonprofits, startups and entrepreneurship. 


The 3 Types of Happiness



Hedonic Happiness is a positive emotion in your brain that is triggered if something good happens. It is an emotional reaction to external stimuli. Hedonic happiness is the sort of happiness that is experienced by the vast majority of humankind. It is the reason why our happiness is fleeting and intangible, because we are susceptible to external sources for our sense of well-being.

This has become a trap, a pitfall and leads to stress and maybe even the downward spiral.


Eudaimonic (translates as: the nature of a good spirit, as defined by Aristotle) This type of happiness is a deep inner contentment and fulfillment in your heart center which is created when four things are in place in your life:

  • Meaning
  • Authenticity
  • Purpose
  • Strengths

Eudaimonia is a feeling of deep inner contentment, and it is sustainable.


Chaironic Happiness comes from a sense of connection to something larger than yourself. It is spiritual* joy and bliss. This ultimate state of bliss can be experienced through meditation, reiki, church, yoga, prayer, nature or even a rock concert.

*The word "spiritual" can mean many things to many people. It can mean a religious practice, a relationship with a higher being, a meditation practice, a relationship with nature or animals.



My experience as a student of the Happiness Makeover was empowering and transformative.
— Walter Jacobson, MD. Psychiatrist, Diplomate of American Psychiatry Association
The Advanced Happiness Training has helped me achieve a depth of understanding and empathy for both myself and others that enhances every one of my interpersonal relationships.
— Keith Hopkins
... an impressive ability to translate high level concepts from research on happiness science into very readable and actionable guides for general readers.
— Maria Niles, Content Strategy
This has been one of the most intensely positive and profoundly valuable experiences of my life. In a remarkably short period of time my attitude, my disposition, my physical health, my thought process, my soul just way, way, way better. Working with Dr. Aymee goes like this: She immediately and quite magically assesses your situation. It’s almost eerie how quickly and efficiently she zeroes in on all the aspects of your life that need improvement. And then she quite selflessly just helps flip this giant master switch that controls the symbiotic energy flow that links your mind, your heart, your body, and your soul. She switches your energy system from a coal engine locomotive chugging along inefficiently belching out thick chokes of black smoke to a solar powered clean fusion magnetized trackless bullet train that hovers over the earth and can probably one day fly straight up into the sky and launch you into outer space. One day. With Dr. Aymee’s help. In my case, Dr. Aymee helped turn my inner thoughts and self talk from angry, panicked, and hyper critical to kind, compassionate, and supportive. dark to light. From negative to positive. From hopeless tailspin to gleeful upward spiral. From desperate self loathing to calm self love. Dr. Aymee is a kind, supportive, jovial, principled, conscious, forgiving, understanding, funny, silly angel on your shoulder who also has huge balls and will call you out on your bullshit in the best and most honest way possible. She’s both your biggest cheerleader and your most demanding coach. Before I started working with Dr. Aymee, and for as long as I can remember, there was this non-stop negative loop in my mind, a never-ending inner monologue detailing and obsessing over all of my failures, my missteps, my social blunders. This was my inner critic. And he was a relentless asshole. In less than one week Dr. Aymee helped me silence this lifelong (39 years) negative voice in my head and replace it with my true voice, the voice of my inner colleague, the guy who has my back and tells it like it is. I went from stabbing myself in the back and shooting myself in the foot to finally having my own back and helping me push myself forward in life, in my evolution as a human soul with limited time on this planet. I am now happier, healthier, more grateful, more relaxed, more confident, more patient, more resilient, more hopeful, more positive, more aligned with my true life’s purpose and calling. And I’ve only been working with Aymee a short while. The Happiness Makeover is not some gimmick or fad (though there are admittedly gimmicky and even corny exercises and lessons along the way). It is a fundamental and permanent and positive shift in your evolution as a human person and as eternal soul. I give the program my highest personal recommendation and believe that everyone on the planet could benefit.
— Harvard Alumni, Hollywood Director, Screenwriter, father of two
As parents, we have found that it can be difficult to communicate effectively with our teenager. Happiness for HumanKIND has worked with us as a family, and helped us tremendously. They have shown us how to turn a tough situation into a positive one by using great communication tools and techniques. They are fun too! We always leave our classes feeling positive and happy.
— Bill, happy client and happy parent
Being part of the advanced study program was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. After completing the program, I worked with people from all walks of life and the experience was more than extraordinary. This was all because of what I leaned during the program. Not only do you unleash your happy self, you also learn how to help others achieve their deep inner contentment. Anyone looking to finally take control of their happiness and enhance who they are as individuals must seize the opportunity to be part of this advanced study program. You’ll be glad you did.
— Narina
The proprietary 5 Step formula for holistic well-being increase put forth by Happiness for HumanKIND has been refined over decades and has proven results of sustainable happiness. Everyone can benefit.
— Dr. Bob Nozik, Professor Emeritus, University of California, San Francisco, author of Happy 4 Life: Here's How to do it.
Happiness for HumanKIND has taken the science of happiness and made it accessible to all. They bring energy, passion, and joy to the work, while drawing on research to provide practical advice. If you want to experience more energy, passion, and joy in your life—whatever it is that you do—follow this system.
— Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D., First Happiness Professor at Harvard University & New York Times Best Selling Author of Happier
This work changed my life for the better! I learned how to take responsibility for my happiness and many tools that I still use to this day to fulfill my happiness decision.
— Sam Wright, Software Engineer
Dr. Aymee Coget has extensive knowledge in sustainable happiness and positive psychology. She takes the latest scientific advances in positive psychology and applies them in her step-be-step practical leadership-based programs and corporate speeches. She teaches her audiences, for example, how to use positive psychology to help relieve stress and alleviate depression. Whether you are an individual looking to become happier, a mental health professional looking to learn how to use positive psychology, or a business looking for to transform your workplace into a happier environment, I encourage you to contact Happiness For HumanKIND.
— Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D., Professor at University of California
Aymee is the happiest person I know. At first, being a notoriously UNHAPPY person, I thought it was suspicious that anyone could be that happy. I’ve suffered for so long with depression and anxiety and feelings of low self-worth and unlovability. But over the course of the make-over Aymee has shown me how to choose happiness in every moment. I’m so grateful to have joy in my life and to feel in control of my own sense of emotional wellbeing. Sustainable happiness is REAL!
— Zoe
Before this program I was stress smoking, feeling bitter, anxious, exiled and living in chronic pain. One hour into the happiness makeover I no longer felt the urge to smoke. There’s been a definite shift in my countenance. I’m lighter, more relaxed, better able to make positive decisions; I relate to strangers with a smile and they reciprocate. Problems which once felt insurmountable are now easily solvable. I have my confidence back. I am once again who I know myself to truly be. Happiness is obtainable and sustainable. Happiness for HumanKIND is truly onto something powerful and life changing. I can’t wait to keep traveling on this new path that has opened up for me. A great kick start to a new way of thinking and being.... happiness for real!
— Anonymous
We received wonderful feedback from our tenants following Dr. Aymee’s presentation “Stress Relief in the Workplace” at Bishop Ranch. She delivered a well-organized presentation that was both out-of-the-box and useful for today’s working professional. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Aymee’s professional speaking services for those looking to promote employee wellness in the corporate world.
— Nicolle Aleman, Director of Marketing, Bishop Ranch