Successful Positive Psychology Intervention: 8-week Well-being Office Makeover (Video)

Overview: 24.53% increase in well- being for employees who participated in an 8 week positive psychology intervention. Employees learned 5 steps and even the unhappiest employee became the happiest! Tools are helpful in change management, positive work culture, and stress relief.

In 1996, I spent time in introspection reflecting on what I most wanted to spend my life working on.  At this point, I decided I wanted to help millions of people live happier lives.  The work environment seemed to be fertile ground for improvement since I never once heard someone say, "Yay! It's Monday!" 

I started my fascination and passion for happiness at work so long ago it really has fueled me all this time!  From the aspects of leadership, culture creation, team work, virtual teams, goals, effectiveness, and success I have found positive psychology to be quite impactful!  

Positive Psychology in Organizations

In 2003, I read my first book on positive organizations from the University of Michigan written by Jane Dutton et al, about how to use positive psychology in organizational settings.

As the process in the happiness makeover leadership program does work for individuals, it also works in organizations!  When applied to an organizational setting you can see the results ripple throughout the office.

In 2008, Harvard research shows a spread of three degrees of spread for each happy person.  

Success formula

If you take the cube root of the employee population, this number is the number you need of happiness activists in order to pervade a positive organizational culture.

Taking the micro of leadership education and seeing results in the macro of culture creation is really something!

Fast Results!

Some organizational consultants say it takes years to create or change culture, yet with the right positive psychology system in place, it can be reduced to weeks and months.  

I had the opportunity to work within a multinational corporation doing an intervention which we called the Office Happiness Makeover.

The five steps of sustainable happiness were taught with the aim to increase well-being as the employees chose to implement happiness science daily.

With an analogue system in place we the program was successful in that we achieved a 24.53% increase in well-being in the participants over an 8 week period.

Here is a 6 minute video to give you a feel for the experience.


If you want to bring the Office Happiness Makeover into your office make an appointment for a consultation.

Dr. Aymee Coget