Dr. Aymee Coget, founder of Happiness for HumanKind, says those in leadership positions must authentically embrace positivity instead of just promoting it to others.
— From 'IT’S TIME WE ALL WORK HAPPY.™' by Robert Half

Happiness improves business performance and financial metrics.

We give companies proven strategic objectives to increase happiness. Businesses who have incorporated our program have achieved a 25% increase in overall well-being.

We create a customized solution to meet your needs.


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Working with Aymee has helped me create a sustainable level of happiness and present moment awareness that was previously only known to me in theory. I believe her work is the embodiment of results-based personal and business value.
— Joe Khoei , CEO & Founder of SalesX

CEO Makeover

$25,000 for 12 classes

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  • Enhances overall work performance

  • Reduces stress & anxiety

  • Improves concentration & focus

  • Boosts mood & eases depression

  • Improves health & energy levels

Leaders require skills be positive and resilient and carry forth a meaningful vision to achieve great results. 

Through a positive psychology lens, leaders learn our new and proven techniques of communication, team building, problem solving, stress relief and strategic planning. 

12 two hour classes also includes 24/7 coaching support for any challenges that arise.

Culture Workshop

$10,000 / 8 hr Immersion

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  • Empowerment over mental health

  • Mastery over positive mood

  • Resiliency tools

  • Boost productivity

  • Improve working relationships

Happiness Culture Immersion for your employees includes an executive team leadership meeting, group happiness routines and work sheets in an 8 hr workshop. Unlimited attendees.

The workshop enhances overall performance, reduces stress, improves health and relationships, and treats the symptoms of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, stress and lack of focus. 

Help your employees find more meaning and purpose in life, leadership goals, conflict resolution, mediation, career, spiritual guidance and goal achievement.


Office Wellbeing


We work with top leadership to determine strategic objectives in applying happiness as a cultural value within the organization. We supply organizations with a strategy to increase happiness through classes, materials and ongoing support. Offices have seen a 25% increase in happiness and well-being after as little as 8 weeks. Sustainability plan is included.

Note that this program can aid in decreasing annual disability costs, enhance performance and increase your bottom line.


Employee Happiness Training - can be taught virtually.

4 to 8 hour workshops and immersion experiences.

Lunch and Learns - optional $5K -10K depending on size of organization.

Happy Keynotes


Topics include: Stress Relief Using Happiness Science, Introducing Positive Psychology, How to use Positive Psychology, Authentic Leadership, Present Moment Awareness, Sustainable Happiness in 5 Steps.

Past lectures include UCSF, West Virginia State Judges, executives, and schools.


Virtual options available


Working with Aymee as my leadership coach has been the best investment in myself and my future that I have ever made, and has turned into financial gains of over $500k in a period of months.

Aymee helped me recognize that it is my responsibility to empower my team and create a safe space for them to express criticisms and suggestions for improvement. She worked with me to have one-on-one mediations with staff members where it seemed we had irreparable differences.
— Nyla Rodgers, Founding Director, Mama Hope