Her Perspective - Conscious Relationship Course

Happiness inside of yourself is one area to tackle, and relationships are the next level.

How can you create truthful relationships while keeping the highest happiness for both parties?

That is a skill and a process of moving from subconscious relationship patterns into the conscious and consequently giving relationships the opportunity to flourish.

We teach a program for conscious relationships albeit, at work, family, or friendships.

How can you address the past? Consent in the present? AND move forward with clear objectives?

How can two people 'best relate' to create a conscious relationship based on the highest levels of happiness of all parties?

Examples of people who have benefited:

  1. Whole families
  2. Manager & Employee
  3. Couples
  4. Mother & Daughter
  5. Coworkers


Here is one couples journey, after one couple has been dating for several months they decided to take it to the next level. They decided to support the next steps with a conscious conversation about their realistic fears ahead in regard to marriage and parenting.

Here is what she had to say after the first class:


My boyfriend and I just had our first conscious relationship couple's session and we were overly impressed.

My partner was a bit reluctant at first after going to years of therapy with his ex yet at the same time supportive of the idea.

Aymee created such a beautiful and sacred space for us to fully address our fears around marriage and becoming future parents.

In the end, we felt closer and gained a greater understanding of how to support one another through our fears.

And this sort of information is priceless.

I personally feel that having a third person facilitate such touchy and sensitive topics is helpful and it's difficult to imagine a better facilitator than Aymee.

She's so incredibly insightful, holds the space with seniority, and at the same time emanates love.


Her, Ergonomist & Feldenkrais Practitioner

Him, PhD, Google Engineer

San Francisco, CA


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