ANNOUNCEMENT: Dr Bob's book available now on Kindle! Only $9.99

Today is a monumental day!

We have been working hard to get Dr. Bob Nozik's book, Happy for Life: Here's How To Do It available on Kindle to help make his important and life-changing work even more available around the world.

Today is the day!


The Kindle read is only $9.99 and worth every cent.

Purchase the book for Kindle via and a portion of the cost will also go to the charity of your choice.

Love and happiness to all,


Dr Aymee Coget and Dr Bob Nozik -gurus of happiness!

I write on life, for the purpose of happiness, on my site, so I’ve read 1,000’s of books. I will be using this book as a “textbook” for my (costless) courses. This book stands out among even those written by “established experts” who have written good books. Dr. Nozik takes the reader much more deeply into understanding than most books - at least understanding as far as how it applies to a real person. And then he provides the exercises (more practical than what I’ve seen elsewhere) that will help implement the concept and get the desired result - and I believe that the only measure of such a book lies in the actual results that are produced for the reader.

This is a book that I’d recommend for everyone from teenagers or novices to those who already know quite a bit about the subject. It is, indeed, in my opinion, full of life wisdom and much practicality - and I believe it will change lives for the better.
— Keith - 5 star Amazon review