Happiness For HumanKind guides and oversees the implementation for increased well-being from start to finish.

Our professional staff has over 20 years of experience in leadership and positive psychology. We have special expertise in leadership development, stress relief, and positive psychology in the home, workplace and beyond. 



Experience a transformation which will help you develop a sustainable well- being through an immersion program focused on mind, body and spirit. Master your own empowerment, positive mood, contentment and bliss while healing your subconscious of past traumas. Weight loss and nutrition counselling are optional. 



This course is for psychology minded professionals who would like to learn a holistic system in happiness increase. Topics include coaching fundamentals, positive psychology, happiness makeover, reiki and nutrition.



Learn how to be in a positive relationship. Develop a deeper understanding of how to grow in intimacy with someone and proactively build a shared vision of a positive future. Apply positive psychology in any relationship, friendship, family or work.



Positive psychology based coaching services are available; focus areas include depression, meaning and purpose in life, divorce or breakups, grief, accessing your hearts voice, leadership, stress relief, conflict resolution, mediation, career, weight loss, spiritual guidance and goal achievement. 



Do you want to lose weight in a reasonable amount of time? Would you like the process to be based in raw food and the easy preparation of shakes and juices? If you are interested in helping your body release toxicity, weight loss or natural brain chemistry balancing, we can help. Email us for a consultation.



An energetic healing technique that helps address and relieve subconscious trauma on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). Distance reiki healing over the phone is as effective as an in-person appointment. The growing scientific body of research is developing around the effects of reiki healing which include relief from pain, stress, depression and anxiety.



Our Corporate Wellness programs include a CEO Makeover, Culture Change program, Office Well-Being classes and keynotes. 


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The Happiness Makeover program is just that - a true makeover! Out with the old - outlook, body, stress, negative thinking and emotions - and in with the new - happiness!
I recommend Dr. Aymee’s programs to anyone that is ready to dive in find their true selves.
— Director of Operations, Software Industry