Learn how to make people happy!

COST: $12,000

In the six-month Advanced Happiness Study, participants will learn, discuss and practice the science behind Positive Psychology, Reiki and Nutrition in weekly teleconferences with Dr. Aymee Coget.

HOURS: The course also includes between five and fifteen hours a week of self-directed study, homework, and reading assignments assigned every week. Courses can start at any time throughout the year and are virtual.

This course is for psychology minded professionals who would like to learn a holistic system in happiness increase. Topics include coaching fundamentals, positive psychology, happiness makeover, reiki and nutrition.


Following their studies, participants are able to:  

  • Understand the fundamental ideas of Positive Psychology—and how these ideas can radically change the way you relate to yourself and others.

  • Increase the "positivity ratio" as a means toward higher levels of creativity, motivation, health, and overall success.

  • Use a variety of scientifically proven techniques from within the Positive Psychology toolbox that can lead to lasting change.

  • Practice the art and science of effective communication with authenticity.

  • Bring out the best in yourself and others—by employing a strengths-based approach to leadership.

  • Understand the key drivers of healthy and happy interpersonal relationships, and learn how to apply this understanding to your own and others' relationships.

  • Achieve mastery in Reiki Healing



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Up your coaching game with the Happiness For HumanKIND Advanced Training.
The Happiness For HumanKIND Advanced Training for professionals who want to bring happiness psychology to the world
Bring your own happiness to your methods by taking the Advanced Training from Happiness For HumanKIND
The best part about working with Aymee is she cares about your happiness & she tells you everything she knows to help you be successful. I’ve trained with Aymee to become a happiness coach and her expertise when it comes to helping people achieve lasting happiness is beyond amazing. She created a plan that works. I learned a lot from her about coaching styles, what works, what doesn’t and what’s crucial when it comes to teaching others how to be happy. When I finished my class with her, she continued to coach me as I worked with my clients/students, which helped a great deal. She’s a dedicated coach toward helping her students become successful and it’s clear with every phone call. She’s great to work with and I continue to work with her.
— Narina